Three-Day Fundamental Training Workshop Prices

Pricing for Three-Day Fundamentals Workshop

This workshop runs over three days. The cost for training in Singapore is 3454 Singapore dollars (SGD) and includes a full day on the Lightbody Kit. Charges vary for off-Singapore locations to cover additional costs.

Note: A deposit of  1750 SGD is required upon registration with a minimum of three weeks prior to the training unless otherwise agreed upon. This allows sufficient time for Alexis to personally  program the essences and have them, plus the training materials to be shipped to location before the training commences.

Fundamentals Workshop Re-sit

Once you have graduated the Fundamental Training, you are encouraged to periodically re-sit a revision of Fundamental Training. This is very effective as Transference frequencies are integrated step-by-step, so as you heighten your frequency and expand your consciousness, you will integrate more and subsequently getting more out of the training.

In addition, you will undergo frequency shifts, allowing you to evolve more quickly. The cost to re-sit in Singapore is 1000 SGD for all three days.



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