Child of Light Meditation Workshop and Price

Inspire your child to explore the creative power of their imagination through the art of meditation. The Child of Light meditation workshop provides your child with the tools to support their overall wellness and emotional well-being. This fun and inspirational workshop encourages your child to awaken gifts and talents as they journey into magical worlds and explore the power of intuitive visualisation.

Derived from the Child of Light Meditations & Affirmations book and card set by Alexis Cartwright, the divined meditation chosen for each workshop will take your child on a fantastical journey through wondrous realms.


Each channelled meditation offers a unique and guided healing experience, while also encouraging your child to develop their own meditative practice. Through this workshop you provide them with the tools to create a positive flow of energy within their body and consciousness, releasing worry, fear and tension. This can support the expansion of your child’s creative and intuitive abilities, as well as their capacity to learn.

This one to two hour workshop is designed for children aged two years and over, and their accompanying parent/guardian/caregiver. Accompanying adults with more than one child are welcome. Children aged seven years and over may attend unaccompanied, with the permission of a parent/guardian/caregiver.

Cost per participant: 80 SGD


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