Beyond Doorways Level One Workshop


Level one of this workshop enables you to work with and understand the fundamental levels, teachings and healing procedures of Alexis Cartwright’s book “Beyond Doorways – The Mysteries Revealed”, which has been expanded and released as of July  2014.

It concentrates on specific chapters that are necessary if you want to participate in your own healing and ascension process at this time.


This workshop enables you to understand core aspects related to the Earth changes while giving valuable insight into the divine forces supporting the changes occurring within our dimension as a whole. You come to see the ‘bigger picture’ of how and why the Earth and humanity is ascending at this time into a new dimension, reality and world.


The spiritual tools obtained from this workshop can be easily incorporated into your lifestyle to support the wellness of yourself and loved ones. It is recommended for those who want to begin a self-healing journey as well those who have received regular Transference Healings®.

Inclusions in the Training


  • One workshop template
  • A  Vogel crystal wand
  • Transference Healing® Beyond Doorways Lightbody Kit® – contains  15 vibrational essences
  • Workshop notes

Optional: This workshop price does not include supply of the “Beyond Doorways – The Mysteries Revealed” book. You may wish to purchase the publication prior to or at the workshop at 89 SGD.


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