Animal Magic Workshop

This magical and powerful one-day workshop enables you to work with the Transference Healing® Animal Magic Deck of divination cards, to support the integration of the soul essence of each of the animals, to find your mythical totem animal and also to learn to work with the Elemental and Mythical kingdoms.


You will be introduced to each of the elemental beings and be enabled to begin integrating their therapeutic qualities to support a Transference Healing® and a magical empowerment process. The messages encoded within each animal will profoundly help you to move on in consciousness. Using the cards everyday will also deepen your intuitive abilities.


You will also learn to create an etheric “Sacred Circle of Fire” while working with four animal totems to support purify and clear negative energies around you while awakening the kundilini and enhance divine love and protection.

Inclusions in the Training


An animal magic tarot bag which contains the following:

  • A crystal kit of 14 gridding crystal to run a “Sacred Circle of Fire”
  • A selenite wand
  • A white sage stick
  • Workshop folder/notes

Note: The Animal Magic Book & Ascension Cards will need to be purchased prior to or at the workshop. The cost of a deck is 138 SGD.


2 thoughts on “Animal Magic Workshop

  1. Hi I am very interested in attending your animal magic workshop. I live in England and I recently purchased the deck and book.

    U look forward to hearing from you

    Many thanks

    1. Hi Melanie,

      Thank you so much for your interest in the workshop.

      I am unfortunately located in Singapore.

      There are however, teachers in England that you can take this workshop from.

      Link to England registered healers and teachers:

      Those with a star located in the 2ndcolumn from the right offer this particular workshop. Do contact the one that you resonate with and live closest to your location for arrangement to attend this workshop.

      This Shamanic themed workshop will greatly benefit anyone who resonates with the elemental and animal kingdom.

      Do follow Alchemy Light on Facebook and Instagram for updates and future posts.

      Love and Light,

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