Alchemy Workshop


This transformative workshop teaches you how to work with the Healing with Alchemy Set created by Alexis Cartwright (released mid-2016). In this workshop you will learn powerful meditation and gridding procedures that trigger an alchemical healing response in your body and consciousness. Through it, you are empowered to work with the compounds and transitional cycles of nature to become a vessel for purification and change.

This exciting 90-120 minute workshop is open to anyone seeking to draw upon the transformative powers of alchemy for divine healing.

The Healing with Alchemy Set works with 34 powerful symbols, including the thirteen power symbols introduced in the Transference Healing® Fundamental Training. 28 of these symbols are carved onto black onyx crystals, encouraging you to connect to the lineages of mystery schools past. The remaining 6 symbols incorporate sacred geometry into the deck, and are represented as small templates or cards. This is accompanied by a comprehensive alchemy book providing channelled divination readings on each of the symbols represented.

Alchemy is the medium through which you evolve from lower consciousness (which sustains denser, more restrictive matter) into higher consciousness (which sustains more ethereal matter). When you create alchemical change in your body and consciousness, you are empowered to maintain wellness and master the dynamics of mortality to find immortality. Alchemy holds the resources to tap into the powers held by the Creative Principle. Through this new healing tool and accompanying workshop you will connect to the science of transmutation.

Note: This workshop does not include the Healing with Alchemy Deck, though it can be purchased separately.  This publication will need to be purchased prior to the workshop.  The cost of a deck is 192 AUD excluding shipping to Singapore from


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