Transference Healing® Workshops & Training

Why take a Transference Healing® training or workshop?

Anyone can learn to run this sacred energy on themselves and their family, or eventually, through the self-mastery process, become a Practitioner and build a Transference Healing® practice and work with clients. Over the years, people of all ages, all nationalities, both male and female have thoroughly enjoyed the life-changing process of becoming a Transference Healing graduate.


Transference Healing® is unique in that it works with energies and frequencies in the form of a healing and ascension modality.  Frequency healing unifies and weaves the subtle properties of crystal, pranic and energetic elements that are sustained within nature and the elements of the Earth’s realm with that of the stellar, electromagnetic and magnetic properties that are sustained within the elements of the cosmic realms.  It is therefore an inter-dimensional form of healing.

Transference Healing® also enables you to clear and heal on multidimensional levels within your body and consciousness.  It holds the technology to support a clearing process of the genetic patterning within the different dimensions of the etheric body so that the body and consciousness can begin to alchemically heal itself. Transference also supports the integration of the lightbody system now coming into manifestation, helping to create the new anatomy, the Adam Kadmon body in this fifth dimensional Earth.

pic 1

This frequency healing modality was channeled through to Earth as an ascension modality, it not only supports a physical healing process but is also a new way of healing for the new millennium. As the Earth is in the process of a new radial evolutionary cycle, a new way of healing is thus necessary since Earth changes such as lunar/solar eclipses and solar flares are impacting the human psyche, anatomy and consciousness.


Trust your inner guidance as to what feels right for you. Some people find that they like to personally experience the energy via a Transference Healing® session prior to committing to the training with us.

If this then feels right for you, book in for a healing session.


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