Transference Healing® Products – Sprays and Book

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Spray: Dragon Power Gridding Spray

Retail: 60 SGD


The spray is a unique blend of woodsy scents that bring to mind the mossy ground of ancient Druidic sacred sites. Utilised in conjunction with the Dragon Power Gridding Kit, or on its own, this powerful spray calls forth the Dragon to energetically provide spiritual and emotional support. Especially effective for sensitives and those with strong intuitive abilities, the Dragon Power Gridding spray revitalises the power centre and aids you in protecting against depletion during the Earth and Cosmic changes.

Personal favorite when I’m in crowded places and need to hold my light, when gridding a space for rituals, meditations or healings, and when I need to rescource my energies.

Spray: Spiritual Protection Purification Mist


Retail: 60 SGD

The Spiritual Protection Purification Mist is a blend of essential oils in a floral water base. This unique blend of sage, rosemary, fir and cedar wood are renowned for clearing accumulated dense energies from the environment, and can be used to clear your home, office or healing room.

Energies released over time from people in your enviroment, be it stress, fear, anger etc, can have an adverse effect on your space. Not clearing your environment on a regular basis impacts your energy levels and eventually your health.

Clearing on a regular basis purifies and lifts the frequency in your work or living environment, helping to create a clear and pure space for your to live/work in.

Personal favorite for those who work in corporations where there’s a lot of politics and power plays. Spray when you finish your work for the day to disconnect with the power plays and negativity from the workplace so that you can energetically and vibrationally move on with your life. Also I use it for clearing spaces like the home.

Spray: Mary Magdalene Aura Cleansing Mist


Retail: 60 SGD

The Mary Magdalene Aura Cleansing Mist is a beautiful blend of essential oils with a warm jasmine base that reflects the majesty of the Mary Magdalene frequency. The notes of exotic jasmine that pervade this cleansing mist evoke a sense of warmth, passion and sensuality.

Channelled through to aid in uplifting your vibration and heightening your spiritual senses, the Mary Magdalene Aura Cleansing Mist resonates the nurturing frequencies of the Goddess and works to create a state of etheric purification, which will aid a frequency shift of the body and consciousness.

Used during a healing or meditation, this aura cleansing mist will enhance your receptivity to the frequencies of Mary Magdalene and open your heart to receive her healing presence.

Spray: Mother Mary Purification Mist


Retail: 60 SGD
Utilising a special blend of Rose Oil and complementary floral waters, the Mother Mary Purification Mist is a pure and uplifting, gentle mist designed to invoke the frequencies of Mother Mary and allow a healing of the heart.

Roses are often associated with the feminine, and in particular Mother Mary. Known to evoke emotions like love, compassion and ethereal beauty, the Rose is a universal symbol of healing and purity. Often used ceremonially, for meditation or anointing, this specially blended purification mist creates a subtle purification process, which assists a frequency shift within both body and consciousness, enabling you to open to receive a spiritual healing from the Virgin Mary.

Personal favorite to use when there’s a need to tune to the feminine aspect of self (intuition, inner knowing etc) and when performing release rituals as the heart goes through so much. The scent is lovely and soothing, good to calm one’s mind and body down in times of feelings of agitation and frustration.

Spray: Lemurian/Atlantis Purification Mist


Retail: 60 SGD
The Atlantis Lemuria Purification Mist helps to clear and support the genetic DNA decoding process necessary for the integration of our lightbody system.

This unique channelled Purification Mist can be used when running energy to clear the room and support the frequencies of Transference procedures.

It is blended with earth and cosmic essential oils, Clear Quartz and Hematite. Made from a pure Mediterranean rose water base.

Personal favorite when there is a need to connect to the Earth grid (we will need to more and more in order to flow with the changes), to feel secure and safe admist Earth changes and the the lovely scent is also suitable for a good pick-me-up in times of sluggishness or feelings of “sinking in quicksand” so to speak.

Book : Beyond Doorways: The Mysteries Revealed (Expanded Edition)


Retail: 80 SGD (Out of Stock)

In this new and expanded edition of “Beyond Doorways: the Mysteries Revealed”, Alexis Cartwright offers a personal and channelled perspective on the divine and alchemical teachings relevant to our healing and enlightenment journey.

This information is as profound as it is timely. As you read, you initiate frequency changes within your body and consciousness. You also gain an in-depth understanding of the changes occurring in your reality at this critical time of ascension. Most importantly, this book provides you with powerful tools that can assist you to raise your vibration, self-master and co-create your reality. It provides a template through which you can integrate with the new, fifth dimensional world.

The sacred knowledge revealed in this book explores:

– Information about our planet and Global Grid Matrix, our origin, and the light technology that sustains our holographic and evolving reality.
– The intricate technology and healing powers of crystals.
– The astrological events and alchemical changes that initiated our transition into the fifth dimension.
– How alchemical changes are supporting the evolutionary process of the DNA, Adam Kadmon body, and lightbody.
– The healing impact of Chiron, accompanied by personal astrological readings and self-healing practices.
– Transference Healing® procedures that work with the body and consciousness in support of healing and ascension.
– The powers of alchemy, the Feminine Principle and the Goddess, for the awakening of the psyche and the birthing of spiritual empowerment.
– The technology involved in the creation of our Universe, and the universal forces that orchestrate our existence, evolution and expansion.
– The changes that will occur throughout the New Age or fifth dimensional reality.
– The nature of Crystal Children; children who are being born at this time of global enlightenment. These children hold a unique consciousness, and attributes that are of a fifth dimensional frequency.
– The Ascended Masters supporting our self-mastership journey.
– The teachings of the Celestial Christ, and the technology of the Christbody and Consciousness.
– Interdimensional realities that coexist with us in support of ascension: Lyra, Arcturus, Sirius, Orion and Pleiades.
– The mystery schools of the past, including those of Lemuria and Atlantis.


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