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Are you seeing what I’m seeing? A mystical rectangular pyramid configuration is in the sky during the upcoming Lunar Eclipse on 11th Feb 2017!

Time quoted in Singapore local time

With any lunar eclipse, the effects can be felt up to a month or two before and the energies will be active until the next lunar eclipse in August 2017.

Two hard/challenging aspects of this configuration (represented by two red lines in the picture):

Jupiter – Uranus opposition: Inner conflicts surrounding …
– Having an idealistic or impractical vision when diving into the future
– Being impatient and indecisive while being open to the unexpected or while trying something different
– Getting to the truth while having a balanced sense of autonomy and compromise without swinging to extremes

Interestingly, this configuration can also result in us having sudden glimpses or direct connect unexpected connection with God or your deity.

Sun – Moon opposition: Inner conflicts surrounding …
– Changing goals and drives pertaining to self-expression and personal recognition versus social interest and goals, or individual versus collection expression.
– Having your subconscious need to be in the limelight, and receive plenty of praise and admiration sabotaging your conscious efforts of equality and equal consideration for all

Other general themes of this aspect are seeing relationship imbalances through being in touch with your own needs and intentions, and those of others – surrounding autocracy versus democracy and imagination versus truth.

Having discussed what the inner tension or conflict can entail for us, the four blue lines that form the base of the rectangle base of this configuration provides us with a strong sense of balance and solid foundation of harmony between the four points involved. Finding this balance is not a given ­ it will still take conscious effort, awareness and practice to harness its magic. However, it offers us a chance at inner harmony — if the challenge of these two oppositions can be faced and dealt with consciously.

Let’s see what they are:

Longer blue lines of the rectangle:
Moon – Uranus trine:
Enjoying and finding pleasure in …..
– Feeling happier going off the beaten path with enthusiasm
– Initiating to be free and alone with joy rather than be with someone and trapped with
– Handling being comfortable with chaos with a strong intuition and faith that everything is going to be OK
Sun – Jupiter trine: Enjoying and finding pleasure in …..
– Having vision and having that confidence to realize your vision
– Understanding and finding joy in being alive
– Committing to banish self-doubt while maintaining a detached attitude

Shorter blue lines of the rectangle:
Moon – Jupiter sextile:
Ability in …
– Having faith that your self belief and optimism in your creativity works positively with your ideas in a balanced perspective
– Using your enhanced or expanded intuitive responses to see the wider picture while maintaining a diplomatic, tolerant attitude
Sun – Uranus sextile: Ability in …
– Learning to accept that you are different and unique as an individual
– Instantly knowing whether you do, or do not, fit in while holding your own
– Breaking free from parental and collective expectations in order to be connected with the energy of Spirit and the spiritual side of your nature

Wait! There’s an icing on top of this wonderful solid, stable configuration. Saturn is ONLY making harmonious aspects to all four corners of the mystic rectangular configuration gives us the opportunity to tap into the magic using practicality, reliability and control with end results that stands the test of time.

Saturn in Sagittarius offers us the following avenues to make those lasting changes offered by the rectangular base:
– Progressing step by step on familiar or tried-and-tested grounds or while having your feet firmly planted on the ground.
– Thoroughly analyze and criticize your philosophical concepts.
– Expanding the limits of your personal reality with optimism.
– Realistically knowing your personal limits and working with them with ideals of patience, perseverance and a strong work ethic.
– Going adventurously to a psychologist, past life therapist, an elderly or wise woman or even revisiting the past to help in the process of making important new decisions about your home, family and relationships.
– Implementing positive changes independently into your life to improve the flow of productivity using existing structures while incorporating new techniques into the mix.

Parting note:
This lunar eclipse in February comes after a turbulent 2016 to trigger us to start making the changes and bring the reality that we want for ourselves. 2016 acts more like an inner awakening year that delivers trying times for us to re-evaluate our lives and acknowledge which parts of our lives need to change.

This unique lunar eclipse configuration now offers us the window of opportunity to start making those changes over the next 6-7 months to be better off in the long run with a solid and stable foundation.

A true gift to start this universal year 1 cycle.


5 visible planets all in mutable signs till end of this month! Navigating your situations with alternatives.

5 visible planets mutable signs

Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn all in Mutable signs Virgo and Sagittarius for the whole month of August

As of last evening Singapore time, Venus joins the other 4 visible planets in the sky (Mars, Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter) in mutable signs from fixed sign Leo.

When this happens, there is a shift in the energies in the way we adapt to looking at our situations to attempt to resolve.

Over the past few days, Mars has changed signs from fixed Scorpio to mutable Sagittarius. Mercury has also changed signs from fixed sign Leo to mutable Virgo. Last night, Venus joins both Mercury and Jupiter in the sign of Virgo too.

So what’s the difference between fixed and mutable signs and how our approach will change in August?

Well, fixed signs represent sustaining energies by strong will. For a fixed sign that hits the wall, they’ll keep going and keep on hitting the wall till they finally get through it by sheer determination and persistence. Fixed signs in the zodiac are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

Mutable signs on the other hand are all about researching from several different perspectives and find the best applicable way. This includes collecting bits and pieces of information around us (represents Gemini), then sorting and piecing it together (represents Virgo, in which Mercury is exalted or excels in this sign), having the optimism (represents Sagittarius, the rock star of the zodiac), trust and faith in something larger than ourselves (represents Pisces) will get us through this month with the changeable (mutable) circumstances.

Feelings of frustration and being stuck in a rut will dissolve quickly as we go through this month, giving us all the opportunities to really move things ahead.

Among all the 5 visible planets, Mercury is in its exalted sign of discriminating and practical sign of Virgo, which gives us an idea of the key component to productively (represents Virgo) month of August.

So, keep things real with yourself (Virgo is an Earth sign) and distil incoming information as we go along this month will be of the biggest help.

The world has gone crazy! – When will it stop? Is there light to be found?

The world has gone crazy! – When will it stop? Is there light to be found?

**Note: To prevent confusion, the configuration that I am going to discuss happens in the first 10 degrees of Sagittarius using local or tropical astrology. Using sidereal or fixed star positions as reference points, the same configuration is happening in the constellation of Scorpio.
** As a rough guide, tropical astrology positions need to be subtracted by approximately 22-24 degrees to get the sidereal position. Thus when you subtract 22-24 degrees off from the first 10 degrees of Sagittarius, the sidereal position does backwards into the previous sign of Scorpio.

If you look up to the sky now, you’ll see Mars and Saturn shining bright in the sky. According to ancient observable astrology, when a planet is bright in the sky, its symbolisms are strong on Earth.

As above, so below.

So that does Mars and Saturn mean in astrology?

Mars represent arguments and fighting for what you believe is right to move forward. Hence the military or army is often associated with Mars.
Saturn on the other hand rules walls, structures, restrictions and boundaries what we carve out for ourselves. Hence the government is often associated with Saturn.

Both planets are also in astrology known as malefic planets, which simply means an unfavourable influence. The opposite would be called benefics.

When two bright malefics join in the sky, destruction and harm are bound to happen. Another thing to note is that both planets when they are close together it’s also sitting with fixed star Antares, another malefic fixed star that is termed “The heart of the Scorpion”. Antares or anti-Ares, means the rival or equivalent of Mars, and it has of a more subversive, carnal and primal energy.

picture1Size of Antares, Mars and Saturn

5staralignment_10245-star alignment of Mercury, Venus, Jupiter (shedding light) with Mars and Saturn

If you just look at the papers or media, there are loads of cruel, spiteful and vengeful (Saturn + Antares) individuals who created bloodbath (Mars rules blood) or possibly even the possibly civil wars (e.g. the Turkey army (Mars) is attempting to overthrow the government (Saturn)). There will be an amplification of these energies with both planets together with fixed star Antares.

This will last for another ~ 2 months until this tight conjunction fully dissolves.

When this triple conjunction happens in Sagittarius, they are also sending a hard aspect to soft Neptune which is now together with the South Node of the Moon.

For more information on Neptune with the South Node of the Moon aspect from now until end of this year, refer to my previous post: https://www.facebook.com/alchemylight96/posts/1141545485918514

In a way, the craziness of world events around us during this time is a reflection of showing us the harsh (Mars) reality (Saturn) within ourselves in order burst our rose-colored, delusional (Neptune) bubbles.

We can acknowledge and embrace the darkness (Mars) within us with unconditional acceptance (Neptune), so that we can work practically (Saturn) with these energies to bring light to the matter, or choose to retreat through our own vices (Neptune-South Node conjunct).

If you choose the former, the rewards are huge in terms of uncovering the true essence of who you are, which of course contain the darker facets of self. If you choose the latter though, energetically you’ll be only just accumulating denial and escapism (Neptune) which will only later manifest into karmic (Lunar South Node) personal upheavals and chaos (Neptune) in order to shake us to work persistently towards mastering life lessons (Saturn) rather than fighting (Mars) with it.

If you read till this point of this post, you’ll be wondering if it’s all just doom and gloom. Well, there are actually three helpful planets that will help us with bring light to the heart of the matter.

Jupiter, Venus (both benefics) together with Mercury are all coming together in a tight conjunction in the sign of Virgo in the midst of all these craziness.

Virgo is a very real and practical sign that dissects the whole puzzle into manageable bits to re-arrange in a simple overall concept. Our blessing is that we will have the capability to stand back and look at the overall picture to pick out, sort and manage (Virgo) the applicable bits and pieces that we can work with within our capabilities, cutting through the deep, dark wounds that we all have through harmonizing (Venus) the necessary information (Mercury) with faith and trust (Jupiter) that will give us the willpower (Mars) to master the necessary karmic lessons (Saturn + Lunar South Node). We do have the tools indicated by these 3 planets to work through the next ~ 2 months. Be aware though there are times that there are temptations to escape (Neptune) from the hard work and effort (Saturn) we have to put in (Mars).

We would have built new reliable inner and outer foundations to move forward after this period of time. That is if we put in the work and effort starting from right now.