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5 visible planets all in mutable signs till end of this month! Navigating your situations with alternatives.

5 visible planets mutable signs

Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn all in Mutable signs Virgo and Sagittarius for the whole month of August

As of last evening Singapore time, Venus joins the other 4 visible planets in the sky (Mars, Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter) in mutable signs from fixed sign Leo.

When this happens, there is a shift in the energies in the way we adapt to looking at our situations to attempt to resolve.

Over the past few days, Mars has changed signs from fixed Scorpio to mutable Sagittarius. Mercury has also changed signs from fixed sign Leo to mutable Virgo. Last night, Venus joins both Mercury and Jupiter in the sign of Virgo too.

So what’s the difference between fixed and mutable signs and how our approach will change in August?

Well, fixed signs represent sustaining energies by strong will. For a fixed sign that hits the wall, they’ll keep going and keep on hitting the wall till they finally get through it by sheer determination and persistence. Fixed signs in the zodiac are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

Mutable signs on the other hand are all about researching from several different perspectives and find the best applicable way. This includes collecting bits and pieces of information around us (represents Gemini), then sorting and piecing it together (represents Virgo, in which Mercury is exalted or excels in this sign), having the optimism (represents Sagittarius, the rock star of the zodiac), trust and faith in something larger than ourselves (represents Pisces) will get us through this month with the changeable (mutable) circumstances.

Feelings of frustration and being stuck in a rut will dissolve quickly as we go through this month, giving us all the opportunities to really move things ahead.

Among all the 5 visible planets, Mercury is in its exalted sign of discriminating and practical sign of Virgo, which gives us an idea of the key component to productively (represents Virgo) month of August.

So, keep things real with yourself (Virgo is an Earth sign) and distil incoming information as we go along this month will be of the biggest help.


Animal Magic Reading – 05/20/13 to 05/27/13

*Graphics from the Animal Magic deck from Transference Healing® is copyright. If you want to reproduce or use components of the pictorial, kindly contact Nicole at Transference Healing®.

Animal Magic Reading 05/20/13 to 05/27/13



Teacher – You are learning to work within a group or in a more universal way. You will be able to let go of feelings of separation and disconnection from those who work or live around you, in the same industry or environment.


Frequency – you could need to integrate the Dolphin frequencies to help you enhance your ability to communicate. You could be feeling frustrated with yourself or with somebody else because you have a feeling of not being heard or that your emotions are not being validated. Dolphin will energetically give you the courage to communicate your true feelings to someone anchoring the necessary frequencies for your own self-expression to be enriched. Confidence and light will come as the flow of words become easier and easier.


Clarity – You have opened a door to allow Dragonfly to come into your life. This captivating creature is changing the way you are feeling and thinking at the moment. You are in a process of breaking down illusion, patterning and strategies you have erected to protect yourself. Allowing you to heal the emotions so you can begin to truly gain insight, resolution, inner-peace and fulfillment.

Recommendations for this week:

1) If you have any CDs of dolphins, it is time to take them out and give them a listen while in a quiet, meditative state. Dolphins are very much about going with the flow, which is am attitude very much needed this week as we often delve into uncomfortable spots within ourselves to closely examine what needs to be released and destroyed for the new to come in without battling the Universe. Trust and have faith that what you will be going through is set up for you from above and taking that step forward is at your own free will.

2) What I get from Wolf and Dophin is that with the lunar eclipse, it will introduce more white light into our ley lines and Earth grids. The powerful eclipse and planet square introduces powerful activations that dramatically shift the frequencies on Earth in the coming week. Most of us will be experiencing light body symptoms. For a list of lightbody symptoms that are effectively treated by Transference Healing®, refer to the following link: http://www.transferencehealing.com/home/index/769/0/what-is-transference/common-lightbody-symptoms-effectively-treated-by-transference-healing and book a Transference Healing® with us if the coming weeks get overwhelming for you. We are indeed going through a huge transformation both inside and out together with Gaia.

3) Acknowledge that the chaos around you at work or home and the internal dialogues within you are necessary this week to set the foundations for a new future self. Take time out from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to have some alone time to go into introspection about where you are, where you want to be and how to get there.

Personal interpretation for the week:

How’s everyone after last week’s largest year-to-date solar flares? Still suffering from that flu or flu-like symptoms or just feeling really emotional and on the edge?

Well, this week there are cosmic events taking place.  What I get from Wolf, Dolphin and Dragonfly is that the main three chakras that are in focus this week are the heart, throat and 3rd eye chakras.

In the early part of the week, we have intense energies from Monday to Wednesday as we experience the 3rd Uranus/Pluto now playing in our galaxy.

Planets in a square are working against each other to build friction that is meant to get you up and moving towards something glorious and not to bring you harm, loss or stress! A lot of horror stories come from this configuration but here is the good news about this square:

  • It provides the immense opportunity for deep and transformational healing.
  • Power can be obtained quickly and seamlessly, that includes the power to change your life.
  • Amazing and wonderful changes can happen in an instant.

Keep the positive attitude and thoughts and you will be able to tap into this energy for your betterment.

Later in the week, we will have the Vesak Day – Sagittarius full moon lunar eclipse. The lunar eclipse on May 25th, 2013, occurs when the Moon is at Sagittarius, opposing the Sun at Gemini and is a Penumbral lunar eclipse. After some internet research, it is of no coincidence that Wolf, Dolphin and Dragonfly have all come in to support us through this week.

Lunar eclipses are about relationships and polarities. With the Gemini-Sagittarius axis involved, this lunar eclipse presses us to look more closely at our needs, lacks, and wants in our lives concerning the balance between Gemini ruled and Sagittarius ruled areas of life. The Gemini-Sagittarius polarity is a mental axis, where Gemini represents the “lower mind” and Sagittarius represents the “higher mind”. The Gemini sun encourages us to think logically, while the Sagittarius moon persuades us to intuit and to think in a broader manner. Sagittarius symbolizes the quest for meaning and ideas that expand upon the “here and now”.

Gemini is quite comfortable in his or her immediate environment or neighborhood, while Sagittarius stimulates us to venture beyond it. Neglecting either end of the axis will surely backfire on us. Ideally, a balance should be found between the two energies, and this is what the lunar eclipse invites us to do. This eclipse is about communication, attitude, and our sense of adventure. Something has been building inside of us, and now is the time when the energy of the cosmos fairly demands that we let it out. For now, we can’t sit on our feelings. We need to express them.

In this aspect, Wolf and Dolphin helps in our throat chakras to heal and enhance it to help us flow in our self-expression and communication, both written and spoken with clarity and truth. The throat chakra can also be opening and connecting with one’s higher self to access more inspirational and intuitive thoughts to bring them out more clearly.

Some sort of crisis (which can be a crisis of consciousness) or sudden awareness of a lack in our lives provides us with a golden opportunity to explore our emotional needs. Relationships may be challenged, broken, or strengthened dramatically at this time. Our discovery is emotionally charged and dramatic. Wolf, with its feminine intuitive principles, works with the lunar energies that can allow epiphanies to come in at this time as we become acutely aware of our lack. This understanding can propel us into positive action, although there can be some level of chaos initially.

Dragonfly has come into your life to work with your 3rd eye so that whatever that been erected in the past, be it self-defense mechanisms that you’ve created for yourself at work or in your private life to feel safe from harm, or patterns of thoughts that feeds into itself to become toxic and self-destructive in nature are in fact illusions and old energies that you’re created for yourself that does not serve you anymore. This week offers an excellent time to look within to ask ourselves deeply what needs to go for good to break down these illusions that we’ve erected for ourselves to build a better self to move forward in life.

Dragonfly offers a clearer perception of the issues that have been brewing inside of us for a while, and emotions have been building so that we can finally we get in touch with our emotions, we can get a better idea of what needs to change, or what needs to go.