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Eclipses in August – September 2016

Are you feeling the anxiousness and also the inner knowing that things are gonna change?

After the new moon in Leo on 3rd August morning, we are in the shadow period leading up to the first of 3 eclipses beginning on 18th August.

Lunar (left) and Solar Eclipse

Eclipse periods are best described as portal periods, in which the cosmos are blasting a new wave of reality shifts onto Earth and we have the opportunity to kick-start the necessary changes for us to all evolve.

For the strength of each upcoming eclipse, it depends on the proximity of the lunar nodes now and the degree that the eclipse take place.

I’ve discussed the south lunar node and its association with Neptune now until the end of this year and what it triggers in us:


So here it goes, ranked from the strongest to the weakest eclipse:

1) Solar eclipse on 1st September at 5.03pm Singapore time at 9 degree 21 minutes of Virgo
2) Lunar eclipse on 17th September at 12.54am Singapore time at 24 degree 20 minutes of Virgo
3) Lunar eclipse on 18th at 5.27pm August 25 degrees and 52 minutes of Aquarius

A tid-bit on this solar eclipse in 9 degrees Virgo:
The sign Virgo rules health and our everyday, practical reality. Right now, the north node or what we have to grow into will be super close for this solar eclipse.

So what is the theme of this solar eclipse?

Massive reality shifts can occur in our daily routines and health conditions (Virgo) ONLY IF we work with control and take responsibility to build the necessary structures (solar eclipse moment squaring Saturn – planet of boundaries, building and responsibility).

So there you go, super powerful and a huge potential for initiating and sustaining life changing decisions and materializing it.

For good.
It’s time and it’s long overdue anyways.


Animal Magic Reading – 05/06/13 to 05/13/13

*Graphics from the Animal Magic deck from Transference Healing® is copyright. If you want to reproduce or use components of the pictorial, kindly contact Nicole at Transference Healing®.

Animal Magic Reading for 05/06/13 to 05/13/13


Healer – You could be experiencing a Chiron astrological transit or be in the process of anchoring a transference shift. At these times you are given a wonderful opportunity to become conscious of wounding that has been lying dormant within the DNA/ etheric body and unconscious mind.

For your own Chiron wounding, visit the Transference Healing® link for more insight:



Wisdom – You could be seeking direction or insight to understand the reason and meaning of your current circumstances and feelings; searching to find universal truth and answers to universal questions or in the process of making life changing decisions.


Cosmic Unity – You could be undergoing a self-perfection process; accessing and perfecting your unique gifts and talents such as music, creative writing, astrology or theosophical wisdom. Peacock enables you to feel comfortable in expressing viewpoints that might sometimes seem off-beat or very different to others around you.

Personal analysis

This reading is interesting as there is a new moon/solar eclipse occurring on the 9th May at Taurus. Through some Internet research, people born with personal planets and points at fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are impacted significantly. I personally find this reading is closely linked to that for all of us. You will find yourself re-doing your life totally from H2T (head to toe) and your appearance will be changed radically from the inside out, making massive changes going on within you.

Eclipses are about endings and beginnings. Changes made with regards to how you see yourself will ultimately affect how you are perceived by others thereby affecting your personal and business relationships. Each individual responds in a unique manner to eclipses.

This week is also a powerful time of setting intentions. A new noon is always a good time to come to a still point and reset anything that is not working. So take some time to evaluate what you have manifested in your life that is no longer a welcome situation. Use the new moon time to make a commitment to change it and set some intentions in that direction.

Centaur has come in to help us see what old energies need to go that’s not serving you anymore, to release it and heal from it so that the new self can emerge. Although it is an uncomfortable process, do have faith and trust. We can’t be living life without evolution or changes otherwise we will eventually be stifled by our own “comfort zones” and lose the true meaning of living. We will just merely “exist”. With any eclipse, what is hidden will come to light and your secret desires may not be secret anymore. You may break away from a relationship that no longer suits your needs, or you may be faced with changes beyond your control.

Salmon has come in to bring its wisdom to universal questions what is important to you for the future and gain insight to what truly nurtures you and your life. As you sort through your feelings and explore other options, intense times of feeling your own limitations or self-worth might come up as you let go of what is familiar and you step way outside your boundaries to make room in your head and your heart for new ideas and ultimately a new lifestyle. Salmon, which lives in water, brings along its soothing water energies to soothe those frustrations and anger out so that you will stay strong during this process and not slip back into your old patterns and outdated ideals to create a more fulfilled life. Through this process, real wisdom can be gained.

With all the changes in thought, manner, speech, dress, lifestyle, career, health, family, expectations and goals, you’ll find yourself reforming or redefining your own belief system of what you stand for and believe in. Peacock has come in with its iridescent colors to illuminate yourself from the inside out, to be comfortable with the new self that you are building bit by bit so that you can express yourself with confidence and poise without fear of judgement of us being weird or quirky. Hey, it is just your prerogative anyways!

Overall, A Change Would Do You Good! Take that step to go for it and you’ll never want to look back!