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Eclipses in August – September 2016

Are you feeling the anxiousness and also the inner knowing that things are gonna change?

After the new moon in Leo on 3rd August morning, we are in the shadow period leading up to the first of 3 eclipses beginning on 18th August.

Lunar (left) and Solar Eclipse

Eclipse periods are best described as portal periods, in which the cosmos are blasting a new wave of reality shifts onto Earth and we have the opportunity to kick-start the necessary changes for us to all evolve.

For the strength of each upcoming eclipse, it depends on the proximity of the lunar nodes now and the degree that the eclipse take place.

I’ve discussed the south lunar node and its association with Neptune now until the end of this year and what it triggers in us:


So here it goes, ranked from the strongest to the weakest eclipse:

1) Solar eclipse on 1st September at 5.03pm Singapore time at 9 degree 21 minutes of Virgo
2) Lunar eclipse on 17th September at 12.54am Singapore time at 24 degree 20 minutes of Virgo
3) Lunar eclipse on 18th at 5.27pm August 25 degrees and 52 minutes of Aquarius

A tid-bit on this solar eclipse in 9 degrees Virgo:
The sign Virgo rules health and our everyday, practical reality. Right now, the north node or what we have to grow into will be super close for this solar eclipse.

So what is the theme of this solar eclipse?

Massive reality shifts can occur in our daily routines and health conditions (Virgo) ONLY IF we work with control and take responsibility to build the necessary structures (solar eclipse moment squaring Saturn – planet of boundaries, building and responsibility).

So there you go, super powerful and a huge potential for initiating and sustaining life changing decisions and materializing it.

For good.
It’s time and it’s long overdue anyways.


Animal Magic Reading from 22/07/13 to 29/07/13

*Graphics from the Animal Magic deck from Transference Healing® is copyright. If you wish to reproduce or use components of the pictorial on the cards, kindly contact Nicole from Transference Healing®.



Compassion – You could be learning detachment by not taking negative issues personally. You could be feeling hypersensitive or vulnerable, overcoming past hurts or releasing anger to allow you to go into the deeper chambers of the heart to be able to trust again.


Knowledge – You could need to break through limitations of the mind and find solutions to existing concerns.
Knowledge gives you advantage and power, which needs to be honoured and handled with great care. Some may feel the need to start a journal and write down whatever words, ideas or inspirational thoughts come to mind. Revelations may come to mind.


Light Worker – You may find yourself being drawn into a group situation, a community event, celebration or team bonding. Bee brings through the power to create the perfection of integration.
On the etheric level, you are clearing negative emotional control. Correspondingly, the physical body is creating a detoxification process to support a shift into light consciousness.

“Let go, become the light, resonate the light.”

Energies for the coming week

Intense energies going on there!

After researching on the planetary alignments this coming week, the following advice are given:

  • Relax a bit and go with the flow, allow yourself to think about the things that you want to create and visualize.
  • Go and be by bodies of water and relax by the lake and sea.
  • This full moon atmosphere also gives people the opportunity connect with people in a family like way, to see people not as strangers anymore but as members of your family.
  • Enjoy the partying aspect of it, but put some structure into your creativity, make it real and try not to get so frustrated when you are reacting to an old issue that has come up again. Instead, go for a walk to cool things off and come back later to tackle things with more compassion.
  • Words are very powerful and once they are said in the moment of frustration, it can get out being really hurtful. Consider side-stepping a bit and not meeting things full-on. You can just come from a new and different perspective.

Personal Interpretation for the Week

Echidna has appeared for a second time this month! Perhaps it is a telling sign of how to approach old issues that we may re-encounter during the course of the week from a new light or different perspective.

It is one card that has both a hard and soft edge to it. The hard of things is that it channels through, with its sharp spikes on its back, to give you protection in the form of self-defense when the need arises when you are personally attacked.

The soft side of Echidna teaches us to trust again with our hearts. It brings through the necessary energies to help us not to react to dramas that might occur in the coming week, but more of acknowledging what is going on and understanding with compassion, or the ability to have empathy towards others without judgment without the need to “fix” the situation.

When I think about it, the mentality to feel the need to “fix” everything stems from a place of ego.

Act, instead of react to situations playing up in the coming week. Go take a break to prevent impulsive words being said. Side-step a bit for this week to prevent regret.

When we master more of compassion within ourselves, we will be able to disconnect/detach from situations of ego and power plays with empathy and understanding without depleting ourselves energetically and emotionally.

I personally feel that Crane magic has come in to signal a new stage or beginning. The energies are supporting all of us to move into another stage in our lives. Do you have that project or that long-term goal that you’ve been wanting to gain clarity and  insight? Perhaps it’s a good time to sit and meditate on it. Something that you are passionate about might just come to mind and heart.

The water aspect of this lunar eclipse can be seen from the Crane card itself. It suggests that if we feel overwhelmed or frightened by the forces of destiny that are happening around us, do consider going to a place where there’s water to soak in soothing and calming healing properties of water. Even playing CDs with feature sounds of waterfalls will help you are not staying somewhere near bodies of water that are easily accessed.

The last card, Bee magic has come in to encourage us to become One, which is one of the emphasis of this Super Moon in Aquarius.  We are the world as we are all One from the Earth, yet it is also a time to explore our unique individuality on how each and every one of us can contribute.

Aquarius is the Sign of the Water bearer, but ironically it is an air sign. It is the sign of technology, eccentricity and humanitarianism. With Uranus as its ruler it will also bring about plenty of surprises. All these aspects coming together now will certainly shake things up in your world and the world at large.

This Full Moon will illuminate those attitudes areas of your life that have been holding you back. It will encourage you to break free and be yourself—quirks and all! You may even find solidarity with other souls looking to leave old and limiting identities behind. Take advantage of technology and social media to help you find kinship with others. The energy is right for these sorts of connections.

You may also see things shaking up in the world during this Full Moon. People across the globe are looking for freedom on so many levels: economic, political, religious and sexual. Protests and demonstrations will continue to grow. Many of us are coming together this way in order to promote fairness and humanity for all.

No matter what this lunar transit brings, let it remind you of your individuality. We are all unique and need to celebrate that! So often we feel the pressure to conform and we forget all about our special gifts and talents. This Super Moon will shine the light on your own super powers and help you discover your individuality.

This is a wonderful time to celebrate togetherness and also our own uniqueness or quirks.
Allow yourself to enjoy this celebration the go with the flow.