Practitioner’s Profile & Contact Information

I chanced upon Transference Healing® in late 2011 when reading about it on the website of an overseas spiritual teacher who is also an accredited Practitioner and Teacher. I resonated with what I was reading and decided to “take a chance” to find out more and subsequently stepping in as a route for self-exploration and discovery.

Something clicked afterwards, as I stepped in deeper into the support of this modality.

Years down the road into this modality, the energies are still actively nudging me forward through deeper layers of personal and spiritual empowerment.  In this process, I’ve progressively uncovered what my cosmic blueprint is about and made it a personal goal and mission to develop that; creating both internal and external shifts and changes to my daily reality.

A deep sense of inner peace and knowing throughout this magical journey that’s still unfolding has renewed my faith, trust and provided inner peace to really reach for the stars to co-create a new sense of self to open myself more to the cosmos so that my cosmic aspect of self to come through, embodied and expressed to the world.

“Reach for the stars that lie hidden in the Soul, for living out your highest potential makes the journey worthwhile and enlightening.”

Currently, I am available for both face-to-face and remote healings as well as a facilitator of seven Transference Healing® workshops – including the Fundamentals training.

Other avenues of staying in touch include Facebook , Instagram and Tumblr for spontaneous, inspirational thoughts and feelings on my journey and interweave multiple disciplines cohesively together into unique information and advice. Currently, I am also delving deep into the field of astrology and will be using it frequently to explain the dynamics.

I am also available to connect via astrological natal and predictive chart readings over Skype if you wish to understand underlying your psychological makeup, untapped potential and as a powerful tool for self-reflection.

Love and Blessings,

Phone: (+65) 84486868




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