Practitioner’s Profile & Contact Information

My spiritual journey started in mid 2010 with my love for crystals, which then evolved into crystal gridding, numerology, alchemy oils and divination tools like tarot and oracle cards.

In retrospect, that was an experimental phase in my journey in which I am trying to find inner peace and personal truth on a deeper level.

I then chanced upon Transference Healing® in early 2012 when I was reading about it on the website of an overseas friend who is an accredited Practitioner and Teacher. I resonated with what I was reading and decided to “go for it” and signed up for regular absentee healings.

After months of receiving remote healings, I felt the lightness and balance that I’ve never experienced before. My thoughts and perception of things got clearer, my emotions are not as turbulent as before and just life in general just became more synchronized and smooth flowing. I then stepped into the Doorways and Animal Magic workshops, where I learned useful techniques to deal and cope with my everyday life. More importantly, I learned how energy, vibration and frequency play into my everyday life, both in the past and present.

Something just clicked.

Compelled by my yearning to grow more within myself and for higher teachings, I signed up for the 4-day Fundamentals Training months later in Malaysia when the opportunity represented itself. With the knowledge acquired, I was able to help myself and family members cope with the massive changes going on around us as we approached 21st December 2012, when the Earth shifted into 5th dimensional frequency.

My inner desire for personal growth just accelerated from then on and I am now an accredited Practitioner and Teacher of this modality and the teachings that it represent.

This entire journey has been nothing short of magical and still is as I continue to open up my channel to the Universe to divine guidance. I am very glad to also say that through this journey, I have finally found that sense of inner peace that I’ve been longing for many years.

With a renewed passion for life and what it has to bring, it is now my honor to be of service to support your healing and ascension journey.

Currently, I am available for remote healings (they are just as powerful as a face-to-face session) and facilitating the four-day Fundamentals workshop, which is the first level in the 7th Dimensional Transference Healing® Diamond Pyramid of Light.

“As we choose to heal ourselves, we are also healing the people around us.”

Love and Blessings,

Phone: (+65) 84486868


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