Full Transference Healing® Individual Options

Full Transference Healing® – Duration approximately 90 minutes

  • One-on-One or absentee energy exchange is 135 SGD.
  • Inclusions: Channeled work/procedures performed during the healing and divined Lightbody essence.

It takes around three weeks for the frequencies to complete the integration process within the etheric body and consciousness from which new levels of wellness and personal growth can be embodied.

Transference Healing® is suitable for the support of all ages, conditions, illnesses or needs regarding healing, personal growth and spiritual empowerment. At this time of great change it is recommended that everyone has a full Advanced Level Transference Healing® session every six weeks until they are mastering more in all aspects of life, from health to the dynamics of their personal reality.

For those who are struggling with their health, well-being or ascension process, weekly or fortnightly healings are recommended until balance is achieved, after which you can return to healings every six weeks or as needed.

Note:  A Transference Healing® can also be run on children, animals, plants, a business or an important project.


Lightbody Kit Essence Reading/Healing – Duration approximately 30 minutes

  • One-on-One energy exchange is 55 SGD.

Your unique list of essences are determined by divination from the list of 77 essences in the Transference Healing® lightbody essence kit.  Depending on which essences are present in your list, a full reading is done based on it will show you the present energetic situation.  The essences are then made for you to bring home to support the reading and to empower your healing process.





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