Transference Healing® – What is it about?

What is Transference Healing®?

Arnold's Master Christ Template set - beautifully framed and displayed in his room.
Arnold from Singapore with his Master Christ Template set – beautifully framed and displayed in his room.

Transference Healing® is suitable for all ages, conditions and illnesses. It is a remarkably effective healing process that you can easily incorporate into your life stand-alone or in combination with more traditional healing methods.

Transference Healing® is a seventh dimensional frequency healing and ascension process. It is multi-dimensional, works with the lightbody and creates alchemy. It combines all new energy healing modalities within its process. It is profoundly effective at this time of Earth and human evolution.

If you:

  • are or have been feeling unwell or just not 100% of yourself
  • seek to change aspects of your current reality
  • are looking for health, balance, happiness, inner-peace and fulfillment
  • feel that you are here for a higher purpose but have not figured out what that is yet
  • are working on your spiritual growth and ascension or simply looking for answers and clarity,

You will find that Transference Healing® sessions can profoundly help you in your self-empowerment process, leading you to have a magical and life-changing experience.

Dragon Power Pendant purchased from the Transference Healing® Gateway in June 2013.
Dragon Power pendant purchased from the former Transference Healing® Gateway in June 2013.

Tools that are used in Transference Healing® include:

  • Colour and sound waves
  • Crystal and vibrational Lightbody Kit essences
  • Elements (ether, earth, water, air, fire)
  • Alchemy symbols and planetary energies
  • Crystal energies
  • Templates, masters and rays
  • Shamanic healing

How does Transference Healing® work?

Transference Healing® does not diagnose a condition by analyzing the symptoms of the dis-ease, instead Practitioners learn to look deeply into the etheric components of the body when running the procedures, and through the use of divination charts gain insight to conduct a ‘reading’ on a more intuitive level as to what is impacting and creating the healing process at that time. Incorporated within its modality are many procedures, templates and essences that filter codes, frequencies, elements and light into the body on an etheric level.

This enables the body and consciousness to restructure and regenerate new levels of wellness. It also enables us to heal, evolve and transform into a new state of consciousness.

pic 1

Transference Healing® also works with the electromagnetic frequency and magnetic fields of the body. It is the magnetic aspects of Transference that create its powerful alchemical shifts and magical healing qualities. All dis-ease manifests from a weakness in the etheric, electromagnetic and/or magnetic bodies, which over time manifest into the physical body.

By working with these aspects of the human body we reach deep into different levels of vibrational density unrestricted by time or space. This allows a natural hormonal and bio-chemical balance to occur within the body. When this bio-chemical balance occurs, combined with guidance, insight and assistance from Source, universal frequencies and guides on higher planes, it creates an opportunity to achieve a unique, powerful and spiritual healing.


About Alexis Cartwright

Born in Australia, Alexis began her spiritual journey at a young age, bringing in, through the guidance of the spiritual hierarchy, a series of etheric and lightbody healing procedures which were expanded to create Transference Healing®. This is now facilitated on a global level to be of service to humanity at this time of Earth ascension. Alexis has also written three publications that are creating a profound enlightenment process to support those ascending, Beyond Doorways “The Mysteries Revealed”, Animal Magic and in 2013, the Child of Light Meditation Book & Affirmation Cards set.

Sphinx at the Transference Healing® Gateway in Sydney, Australia.
Sphinx statue at the former Transference Healing® Gateway.

More information can be found on the Transference Healing® website.

Disclaimer: Alexis Cartwright is the Channel, Anchor and Founder of Transference Healing®.


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