Women’s March on 21st January 2017 – Venus bright in the sky and Jupiter in the sign of Venus, Libra

A powerful photo surfaced on social media had spurred me to write this post.

Astrological perspectives that support this event that let people come together and express themselves to issues regarding growth, change, truth, equality, healing and unity. World history is indeed in the making as people in the entire world join hands in solidarity.

For the last 3 months since late September, Venus has been getting more and more visible in the sky with its illumination gaining strength after being invisible for most of 2016. When a planet is invisible in the sky, issues and subjects pertaining to that planet gets weakened and doesn’t get coverage in front of us – the most symbolic meaning of Venus being women. Venus will continue to gain illumination strength all the way to March-April. A pair of eclipses in February 2017 will sustain the influence of Venus till the last few months of this year.

Jupiter is also in the sign of Venus – Libra which is a sign of balance and harmony, compromise between people, seeking growth in relationships and most importantly human rights issues, even if it entails protests to put that point across.

So, what has happened since Venus has started to become visible in the evening since September and in the recent month or two, even during the day? And how about Jupiter in the sign of Libra?

In early October, the Pakistani Parliament passed laws to increase sentences for rapists and those who commit so-called honour killings of women and closed a loophole that allowed many of the killers to go free.

In the same month, multiple women had also come forward to speak about and sue Trump over alleged sexual assault and misconduct which gained world-wide media coverage. His widely known views on women, race and religion spurred the organization of this Women’s March.

This Women’s March focuses on “more about being proactive about women’s rights”, or more broadly, “a stand on social justice and human rights issues ranging from race, ethnicity, gender, religion, immigration and healthcare” which highlights the severity of the situation and bring into consciousness the need to bring appropriate laws, regulations and justice (Jupiter rules the law and justice system) in order to promote a balanced and fair society.

With a Universal Year 1 (2+0+1+7= 10 which reduces to a 1 vibration) energy running the backdrop, we can see the beginning of a cycle of people coming together to bring about change that aims to be inclusive and equal in nature which is what Age of Aquarius is about.

Very exciting times ahead, stay tuned.


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