Animal Magic Reading from 12/08/13 to 19/08/13

*Graphics from the Animal Magic deck from Transference Healing® is copyright. If you wish to reproduce or use components of the pictorial on the cards, kindly contact Nicole at Transference Healing®.

Animal Magic Reading from 12/08/13 to 19/08/13

Self-Mastery – You could lack belief in yourself and your abilities feel disempowered or lack personal inspiration and the ability to understand and receive the messages Spirit and the universe is sending your way to help your ascension. Hawk has come through to enable you to feel, sense or see the subtle messages that filter through into your daily life so that you can gain insight and wisdom from the universe.


Replenishment – you could be tired, overloaded, frustrated, nervous, itchy or guilty; physically and emotionally depleted generally unwell and in need of a good downpour of tears. Frog replenishes your spirit, clears your mind, purifies your body and harmonises your soul.


Majesty – You may be undergoing an empowerment process and needing support to step into a leadership role or to find resolutions to existing concerns. You could also be feeling overwhelmed by having to push through limitations and stand in truth with your feelings. Lion helps you to believe in yourself, honor what is important to you. It helps to give you the strength to overcome weakness and limitations so that you can stand strong.

What’s going on lately?

With the help of some internet research, we are now in-between two Star of David activations that are sending large amounts of electromagnetic white light, codes and keys to Earth.

On the 25/26 August 2013, a second Star of David and energetic counter-rotating Merkabah will be formed by the planetary alignments that is set to quantum leap our DNA.

These formations are helping us to transcend the divide between the personality and the Soul as they create a bridge to Spirit through our Heart, ultimately helping us to anchor a Heaven here on Earth.

These Merkabah portal gateways are providing opportunities for humanity to move beyond fear, pain struggle and expand our consciousness beyond the limitations imposed by cultural, familial and societal belief systems.

We have the opportunity at this time to consciously bathe every cell of our physical bodies in the liquid light sacred codes that are channeled by these planetary formations in order to attune (quantum leap) our DNA into a higher levels of resonance.

The effect of these formations will be to awaken our ‘Body of Light’ to higher potentials of awareness such that we can think, be and live our lives beyond the dogma and fear seen on Earth today.

From this place of awakened consciousness we can solve the problems on Earth today and embrace a compassionate and more joy global community of humans reverent of all life on Earth as the ancestors of future generations.

Personal Interpretation

Hawk has come in to impart its wisdom and intuition to understand the dynamics at play so that we can gain understanding why certain situations keep playing up. Realizing that is important because if we innately know the situations that we are putting ourselves through, we are presented with an opportunity to look within ourselves to analyze whether we want breakthrough and free ourselves from. We can this tap into this new state of inner knowing to gain wisdom from and master within ourselves. The more we use this inner knowing, the more powerful it is as more and more realizations or revelations can be made.

Frog has come in to give us the message of us being vulnerable or impacted to “negative energies” around us. These “negative energies” can infiltrate our etheric fields hinder our evolution in the body and consciousness. Frog helps to provide its purifying qualities to our physical body and consciousness but also the etheric body or energy field so that we can revitalize and release any negativity that maybe impacting us in the coming week.

With the upcoming Star of David formation in the cosmos, the energies are making most look inward into a state of introspection and our deep-set emotional issues will come to the surface to be purified and cleared from our system. Look into your heart for those answers. What do you stand for and believe in? Lion has come in to tell you that it’s time to project that out to the Universe to resolve existing concerns without going through the drama so you can go through it without being energetically depleted as Frog suggests.

Detach, Surrender and Hold your Light.



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