Cosmic Insight: Rare Merkabah Shape Planetary Placement

A good article to read for the upcoming cosmic activation.

Rita Minassian Holistic Therapist, Medium, Jungian Astrology, Space Energy Balance Designer

merkabah planetary placementToday’s Full Moonin Aquarius will be part of a beautiful planetary placement in the sky where Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune take the lead in emotional water signs. Look at this beautiful Merkabah the Universe is offering us until July 29th… In the charts presented here, you can clearly see the  Star of David in 3D, beautiful…

More than ever, we are asked to follow our heart, emotions and intuition to guide us toward the true purpose of our Soul and ground our dreams (pragmatic Saturn trines dreamy Neptune)…

This rare placement impacts the astrological natal chart of everyone in specific houses; wherever this beneficial portal opens for you, enjoy!

        ** * **

La Pleine Lune en Verseau fait partie d’un magnifique placement planetaire dans le ciel ou Jupiter, Saturne et Neptune en signes d’eau (les emotions) jouent un role crucial. Regardez moi cette superbe Merkabah que l’Univers nous offre jusqu’au 29…

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