Animal Magic Reading from 15/07/13 to 22/07/13

*Graphics from the Animal Magic deck from Transference Healing® is copyright. If you wish to reproduce or use components of the pictorial on the cards, kindly contact Nicole from Transference Healing®.

Undine: Water Spirit – You could be pulling in the energy to receive the crystallized properties necessary to shift or clear distortion from your body on a sub-atomic level. Even the cells themselves are going through a purification process.

Gnome: Earth Spirit – You could need to connect to Mother Earth and her elements. You could also feel ungrounded, overwhelmed, altered or even energetically depleted – because you are clearing and purifying the etheric body.

Peacock: Cosmic Unity – You could be undergoing a self-perfection process; accessing and perfecting your unique gifts and talents. You could be also refining your appearance and dress sense to present yourself in a more unique and professional way. It allows you to dare to be different and become more visionary or pioneering.

Personal Interpretation

We are undergoing the last week of the mercury retrograde. For the details of what to do and what not to during this coming week. Refer to my last post:

For this coming week, the emphasis is about taking care of ourselves on a physical and emotional level and letting our true selves shine out to the world.

So during this week is you are feeling lethargic or overwhelmed from work or personal dramas due to miscommunications or just heightened tensions, why not consider taking some time out to connect with a day at the beach or a walk in the park to recharge and still yourself?

Ask your Higher Self to be connected and receive to the healing properties of water to soothe and calm your emotions and the properties of earth to center, stabilize and nourish your whole being as you go through this transition. It might be a good idea too to go on a vegetarian diet for this week so that it can help the physical to rejuvenate and revitalize faster from the clearing.

All things will eventually become the past, stay in the present to go into a state of inner reflection and introspection to re-analyze the nature of your relationships. Some may fall apart, some may strengthen and some might be strained. Whatever that may happen, have faith and trust in the Universe that it is work that is assigned to each and every one of us to go through now, so that we can be the person that we need to be in the future to live out our heart’s desires on Earth.

Peacock has come in with its iridescent colors to illuminate yourself from the inside out, to be comfortable with the new self that you are building bit by bit so that you can express yourself with confidence and poise without fear of judgment of us being weird or quirky. Hey, it is just your prerogative anyways!

Artistic activities, be it drawing, writing, painting etc stimulates the mind and enhances the way you creatively express yourself. Why not take up a new creative hobby that you’ve always wanted to do but just been putting it off? Perhaps it is now the time to take action and execute your plans. Your creative pursuits might just lead you to something that you’ve always wanted to do eventually.

Embrace your quirks and own it – taking full ownership of your own thing and not blaming anyone but yourself if it does now work out is the essence of true empowerment. Have faith and trust in yourself and also the Universe to show you the signs. It may come in many forms like repetitive thoughts, through synchronicity of events or just visions while you daydream.



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