Animal Magic Reading from 07/08/13 to 07/15/13

*Graphics from the Animal Magic deck from Transference Healing® is copyright. If you wish to reproduce or use components of the pictorial on the cards, kindly contact Nicole from Transference Healing®.


Clarity – You have opened a door to allow Dragonfly to come into your life. This captivating creature is changing the way you are feeling and thinking at the moment. You are in a process of breaking down illusion, patterning and strategies you have erected to protect yourself. Allowing you to heal the emotions so you can begin to truly gain insight, resolution, inner-peace and fulfillment.


Lightning Spirit – You could be releasing negative patterning from genetic behavior through to outdates, dogmatic ideals. You could be creating profound shifts in your DNA, body, reality and consciousness. You could be embodying more electromagnetic energy so you can anchor your light body.


Compassion – You could be learning detachment by not taking negative issues personally. You could be feeling hypersensitive or vulnerable, overcoming past hurts or releasing anger to allow you to go into the deeper chambers of the heart to be able to trust again.

About the Mercury Retrograde

Before I touch on my personal interpretation of the cards this week, we are still undergoing the second half of the retrograde until the 20th of this month. Through some internet research, the list of items summarizes the do’s and dont’s during a retrograde.


  • Start anything new
  • Make important decisions
  • Buy computers, appliances, TVs, radios, etc.
  • Travel without back-up plans
  • Sign contracts
  • Buy a car
  • Negotiate a contract
  • File a lawsuit
  • Start a new job
  • Begin a new class
  • Go on a “first” date
  • Expect things to move quickly
  • Take anything for granted

What to expect during a Mercury Retrograde:

  • Angrier people
  • Crazy drivers
  • More accidents
  • Miscommunication
  • Quarrels
  • Computer problems and breakdowns
  • Delays
  • More mistakes
  • Slow mail
  • Games of phone lag
  • Wrong directions
  • Missed appointments
  • Dead cell phone batteries

So, what is a Mercury Retrograde good for?

If you know when Mercury retrograde hits—which is about every three months—you can work with, rather than against, its energy. Remember there’s a “re” in retrograde. These weeks are good for re-doing just about anything.


  • Re-apply for a job
  • Re-do hair color
  • Re-write your resume
  • Review your bank account
  • Renew a loan
  • Repair your car
  • Re-contact past clients
  • Research

Catch up on all of the tasks you set aside, and also have a game-plan in place for when Mercury goes direct.

The Mercury retrograde is also a time to reflect on what you’ve accomplished and where you want to redirect your energies. There’s that “re” again! We all need time to review and decide if we’re taking the right road. These days give us the opportunity to do so.

We can’t stop our lives every time a retrograde hits. So what can you do when you don’t have a choice?

  • Read and re-read contracts. Have someone else look them over, too.
  • Check your travel plans several times.
  • If you need to, ask questions over and over during negotiations.
  • Mail packages and letters early. Check the zip codes.
  • Fill your gas tank.
  • Don’t check your luggage if you’re flying. Carry on everything if possible.
  • If you are making purchases, keep your sales receipt and know the store’s return policy.
  • Keep your cell phone battery charged.
  • Watch your driving.

Personal Interpretation of the Cards this Week

Dragonfly has come to work with your 3rd eye so that whatever that been erected in the past, be it self-defense mechanisms that you’ve created for yourself at work or in your private life to feel safe from harm, or patterns of thoughts that feeds into itself to become toxic and self-destructive in nature are in fact illusions and old energies that you’re created for yourself that does not serve you anymore.

As the Mercury Retrograde continues to bring forth hidden truths and facts in all aspects of our lives till the 20th of this month, this week offers an excellent time for introspection to re-examine or re-visit what works for us in order to release us  to move forward in life.

It then offers a clearer perception of the issues that have been brewing inside of us for a while so that we can finally we get in touch with our emotions. We can then get a better idea of where to go from here.

Just trust and listen to Divine Guidance.

Thunderbird comes into the picture by bringing through what is needed to complete the tasks at hand by enhancing our power center. Issues can be resolved and resolutions can be quickly found with the power of the Thunderbird.

The soft side of Echidna teaches us to trust again with our hearts. It brings through the necessary energies to help us not to react to dramas that might occur in the coming week, but more of acknowledging what is going on and understanding with compassion, or the ability to have empathy towards others without judgment without the need to “fix” the situation.

Act, instead of react to situations playing up in the coming week.
Surrendering to “what is” is key to this process.

The hard spikes on the other side of Echidna assure us that we will be protected if we handle a situation with compassion and empathy instead of aggression and strife.

When I think about it, the mentality to feel the need to “fix” everything stems from a place of ego.

From my personal experience, in some instances, you just have to let things play out as it is and all one can offer are their love and understanding.



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