Transference Healing Workshops – September 2013 Malaysia/Singapore

Transference healing sessions and workshops for September 2013 in Malaysia/Singapore.


Hi everyone, I’m glad to announce my ANNUAL WORKSHOPS conference   in Malaysia/Singapore in September 2013 to be held at

LEISURE FARM RESORT Jalan Tanjung Kupang, Gelang Patah JB Malaysia

‘Anyone who takes a workshop with me regardless of where you live will be connected with me after the workshops have ended, I don’t just hold them and then forget about you.  I am here to guide and hold a sacred space for you to bring through what ever you need to walk on your journey.’

WORKSHOP INFORMATION – Please refer to the Transference Healing Workshops section  on this website where you will find a drop down menu, click to the right of the box to bring up the workshops, you will find all the necessary information with regards to the cost and deposit needed for each workshop here. The prices quoted in NZ dollars for trainings will be…

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