Animal Magic Reading for 07/01/13 to 07/08/13

*Graphics from the Animal Magic deck from Transference Healing® is copyright. If you wish to reproduce or use components of the pictorial on the cards, kindly contact Nicole fromTransference Healing®.


Insight – you could be frightened of the unconscious or the dark, or experiencing the results of old reflex patterns, suppressed emotions or painful memories. Hare not only clears fear and instills faith but also releases feelings of anxiety and concern. It gives you the resources to act swiftly and diplomatically.


Warrior – You could be dealing with unwanted envy and jealousy, feeling like you have to defend yourself against personal, professional or spiritual attack, or defend what you love the most by finding the strength to be true to your personal belief system, principles and values.


Kundalini/ Divine Energy – You could be cleansing and transmuting old-disease, energetic distortion and suppressed or blocked emotions from the body and consciousness, to heal wounding and weaknesses that are preventing you from creating a new-found sense of self.

Personal Interpretation

has come in to enable us to filter through it’s intuitive nature the necessary inner knowing and insight needed from the subconscious mind to create balance. When balance can be achieved, it can then allow suppressed painful memories and emotions to be released so that the consciousness can then heal.

Hare can also awaken latent creative talents. Artistic activities, be it drawing, writing, painting etc stimulates the mind and enhances the way you creatively express yourself. Why not take up a new creative hobby that you’ve always wanted to do but just been putting it off? Perhaps it is now the time to take action and execute your plans. Your creative pursuits might just lead you to something that you’ve always wanted to do eventually, which actually leads to the next card Hummingbird.

I get a great sense of empowerment and also a strong sense of self-identity. Perhaps it is time to speak your truth and not be afraid of being judged by people around you.

If you stay true to yourself and what you stand for, on an energetic level it impacts others around you as you are embodying who you are on a cellular level and radiating that out rather than “being all in the head only”. You are actually teaching others by example what the true meaning of passion.

The Universe will hear you loud and clear and guide you through your inner voice and together with your positive actions, courage and strength that one embodies, allowing you to adapt  and flow with life’s constant changes.

Just trust.

Snake has come in this reading to give us an affirmation of self-transformation and a re-birth process if we focus on working within ourselves and brings through the magic to help you create and emanate passion, sexuality, desire and psychic awareness into your life. Snake empowers your own healing process and awakens new levels of your psyche so that you can reach into a higher and more empowered state of spiritual awareness.

It also activates the Kundalini, which ultimately enables the body to sustain more in a state of wellness and wellbeing.

All in all, a powerful reading that demonstrates what the universal energies are at play to help us in our healing and self-development. The actions on our part though really free will.

For those who choose to walk the path of healing and mastering more within themselves, the rewards will be bountiful.

The message here is to stay strong, true to yourself and look inward for your inner resources for answers or clues to solutions surrounding you in this period of time. Be authentic.



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