Animal Magic Reading – 06/24/13 to 07/01/13

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Earth Spirit – You could need to connect to Mother Earth and her elements. You could also feel ungrounded, overwhelmed, altered or even energetically depleted – because you are clearing and purifying the etheric body.

Frilled Neck Lizard
Self Worth – You could be feeling a lack of self worth and acceptance because of what other people think and feel about you. You could be in the process of becoming more flexible and open, releasing self-defence mechanisms and boundaries and believing more in yourself or learning to trust others.

Compassion – You could be learning detachment by not taking negative issues personally. You could be feeling hypersensitive or vulnerable, overcoming past hurts or releasing anger to allow you to go into the deeper chambers of the heart to be able to trust again.

Personal Message

How is everyone integrating the energies brought through in April and May? We’ve certainly survived it, but I’ll like to point that if you think 2012 was intense, then 2013 and beyond will be even more intense with solar flares, planetary alignments and other earth or cosmic phenomena to drive us to a state of surrender and awaken our inner divinity.

It is also sending out the message for us to embody more of the feminine principles, which is going into a state of receptivity and contemplation. If you are feeling some emotions coming in, look within instead of acting out.

Do note that by acting out you are projecting a resistance or resentment towards the Universe. Besides, by projecting towards, the body is not able to pull in the necessary energies and frequencies to heal and evolve. Blockages will present itself emotionally, physically and mentally. Instead, tap into your inner resources and personal truth and re-look at the situations around you, be it relationships, work situations, family dynamics etc. It’ll provide a clearer picture of what’s going on around you, what to do and how to get there.

All you have to do is STOP and LISTEN to your inner guidance.

Ok, now back to the reading for this coming week.

Personal Interpretation of cards

Gnome suggests grounding ourselves to the elements that Gaia has to offer whilst the body and consciousness continues to purify itself so that the mind, body and consciousness can evolve and ascend to higher states. It can also mean having a closer connection with Gaia itself.

On 22nd – 23rd June as well, we experience the 2nd super moon after the one over Vesak Day weekend. This full moon is in Capricorn and will be a test of personal endurance and discipline balanced with the re-evaluation of your current routines and habits.

So put on your cleated cross-trainers and get ready to hike the colossal mountain of endurance with coach Capricorn. And don’t expect any breaks, until you get to the top!

This super moon promises those who have worked hard, a rosy harvest of short term successes that will serve as motivation to double down on long-term hopes and dreams.

Whilst on our way there, it is important to ground ourselves so that we can also stay focused on working through the issues that we have to look at from a practical point of view, which is symbolized by the sign of Capricorn where the super moon is.

Several ways to ground yourself during this coming week:

  1. Week of vegetarian diet to help you clear through faster.
  2. Walk in nature or a nearby garden.
  3. For those who can’t go out due to the haze condition in south-east asia, you can ask your higher self to be receptive the elements that nature has to offer to help you in this period. Put on a CD with nature sounds and just relax/meditate on it.
  4. Practice some yoga positions which focus on the lower three chakras (root, sacral and solar plexus) and related breathing exercises to help you clear your anxieties and mind chatter.

Frilled Neck Lizard also has a sense of grounding yourself too to Gaia like the Gnome. It’s meaning in this reading however, is to work with your inner critique. You know that little voice that’s always saying “You’re no good enough?”

What I personally do is that you have to give it its voice and identity. I scribble down my “what if” list down on a piece of paper my own insecurities surrounding a situation and then burn it or shred it.

If you are one that is entering a new work environment or social network, Frilled Neck Lizard is asking you to work towards overcoming your limitations with your self-worth and also your reality so that in return, you will help to co-create the reality that you have envisioned for yourself.

Echidna is one card that has both a hard and soft side to it. The hard of things is that it channels through, with its sharp spikes on its back, to give you protection in the form of self-defense when the need arises when you are personally attacked.

The soft side of Echidna teaches us to trust again with our hearts. It brings through the necessary energies to help us not to react to dramas that might occur in the coming week, but more of acknowledging what is going on and understanding with compassion, or the ability to have empathy towards others without judgment without the need to “fix” the situation.

When I think about it, the mentality to feel the need to “fix” everything stems from a place of ego. From my personal experience, in some instances, you just have to let things play out as it is and all one can offer are their love and understanding.

When we master more of compassion within ourselves, we will be able to disconnect/detach  from situations of ego and power plays with empathy and understanding without depleting ourselves energetically and emotionally.

What does compassion mean to you?



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