Animal Magic Reading – 05/27/13 to 06/03/13

*Graphics from the Animal Magic deck from Transference Healing® is copyright. If you want to reproduce or use components of the pictorial, kindly contact Nicole at Transference Healing®.

Animal Magic Reading – 05/27/13 to 06/03/13



Clarity – You have opened a door to allow Dragonfly to come into your life. This captivating creature is changing the way you are feeling and thinking at the moment. You are in a process of breaking down illusion, patterning and strategies you have erected to protect yourself. Allowing you to heal the emotions so you can begin to truly gain insight, resolution, inner-peace and fulfillment.


Ceremony/ Ritual – You could be working to achieve your personal goals and attain comradeship and support from others with similar experiences and in similar circumstances. By attuning to Stag Magic and asking for its guidance, support and protection, you will allow yourself to feel calmer, stronger and more dignified. Some could be going through a right of passage such as a purification initiation.


Freedom & Power – You could be in the process of freeing yourself from burdens you have been carrying, or working towards completing a task without feeling overwhelmed by it or unable to complete it. Horse gives you the power to see your current situation clearly and learn from all experiences to see the current circumstances as a wonderful opportunity to awaken personal potential.

Chakras that are in focus this week

The chakras in focus from this reading are sacral/navel, solar plexus, heart, throat and 3rd eye. From what I can gather, this week is about mastering more within ourselves and anchoring more white light into our lightbody.

Some of us might just be overwhelmed with emotions and just did that with a good downpour of tears or just overcoming tension, back pains and/or sore joints.

Do acknowledge these feelings or sensations are necessary steps for you to evolve and awaken. The Universe has plans for us and all we have to do is to stop and listen as we may need some redirection or a different approach or perspective on ourselves and things around us.

For a list of lightbody symptoms that are effectively treated by Transference Healing®, refer to the following link: and book a Transference Healing® with us if the coming weeks still get overwhelming for you.

Personal Interpretation

Phew, it’s been a week of solar flares, lunar eclipse and a planet square! A lot of releasing and self-analysis are still going on. The week has been full of energy activations and the shift in energies and frequencies will continue to run for the following weeks to come.

Dragonfly has come into your life to work with your 3rd eye so that whatever that been erected in the past, be it self-defense mechanisms that you’ve created for yourself at work or in your private life to feel safe from harm, or patterns of thoughts that feeds into itself to become toxic and self-destructive in nature are in fact illusions and old energies that you’re created for yourself that does not serve you anymore. This week offers an excellent time to look within to ask ourselves deeply what needs to go for good to break down these illusions while releasing self-doubts and opening ourselves to new possibilities.

Stag brings along auspicious new beginnings and also its solar energies to help us engage with the external world so that we can bring our inner thoughts and aspirations into reality. It also helps us to release imbalances throughout the structural system and begins to clear tensions and back pain, thus enabling us to revitalize physically. For those who are on the spiritual path, the Stag hold Shamanic roots and some of us maybe drawn to learn more about Shamanic rituals/ceremonies.

It also supports us to integrate and refine more of the Masculine Principle. Some may need to speak up and be more assertive, while others may need to soften the dominating and rigid ways of getting things done. For those who are actively involved in public speaking and presentations, Stag supports you to feel more confident in expressing yourself with ease and grace while still getting the point across.

Horse has come in make us re-examine how to master personal power and the nature of our ego and intent behind it. By inculcating integrity into our daily lives, it can help us master more within ourselves to use our personal power, both personally and professionally.

From the picture of the Horse, it is running freely in the fields where it wishes to go. On a parallel level, it brings in the energies of freedom to go where we are guided to intuitively and to follow our heart while trusting that the Universe is always on our side if we choose to listen. Internal resistance is just like fighting the Universe. Soon you will realize that your hear-based choices will create an empowerment process within yourself and more importantly, set yourself free to live out your passions and desires that you know deep down that you are meant to.

Your life, your way, your rules …



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