Animal Magic Reading 05/13/13 to 05/20/13

*Graphics from the Animal Magic deck from Transference Healing® is copyright. If you want to reproduce or use components of the pictorial, kindly contact Nicole at Transference Healing®.



Creator – Spider could be warning you that you are coming close to a situation you don’t need to involve in. Spider has come through to help you clear ‘situational fibers’. These are etheric fibred filtered into the body through the solar plexus chakra, which are created by the thoughts and projections of other people’s egos, as well as your own.


Self-Mastery – You could lack belief in yourself and your abilities feel disempowered or lack personal inspiration and the ability to understand and receive the messages Spirit and the universe is sending your way to help your ascension. Hawk has come through to enable you to feel, sense or see the subtle messages that filter through into your daily life so that you can gain insight and wisdom from the universe.


Immortality & Alchemy – you could need to support a shift of frequency in your body by filtering the more subtle and refined frequencies from the elements around you into your body and consciousness. You are not only rejuvenating the body but rebirthing deeper values, beliefs and ideals. Phoenix has come through today to support your personal growth and enrich your life.

Personal Interpretation:

How’s everyone feeling after we passed the solar eclipse this past week? This week’s message is one that is encouraging yet challenging one, in that we are at that point of realizing and breaking through our own limitations and restrictions by purifying our ego and intent.

The Spider has come through to warn us that we might get into situations that will create webs of distortion within our etheric body. We might get entangled in this web of ego or power plays that will eventually disempower us or tempt us to go into old ways of living life in fear and control.

Having said that, Hawk has come in to impart its wisdom and intuition to understand the dynamics at play so that we can gain understanding why certain situations keep playing up. Realizing that is important because if we innately know the situations that we are putting ourselves through, we are presented with an opportunity to look within ourselves to analyze whether we want breakthrough and free ourselves from. We can this tap into this new state of inner knowing to gain wisdom from and master within ourselves. The more we use this inner knowing, the more powerful it is as more and more realizations or revelations can be made.

Phoenix has come in to offer its purification as we refine our belief system and ego because we are breaking through to a new cycle of life. Like a phoenix that rise from the ashes, it is a rebirth process that we are undergoing to birth a new self-identity, in body, mind and soul. When this rebirth process is happening, a re-wiring process from the inside out takes place. Our egos can get unbalanced as we are undergoing this change since the ego is challenged to accept the new way of being and not go back to the way things were.

Advice for the week: Stay grounded, take time out to purify the ego and intent and just go with the flow of life. Have faith and trust in the universe for guiding messages that will lead us to where we are meant to be.



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