Personal perspective: Singapore as a Spiritual Hub of the Future?

While training on-site in Sydney, a close friend and I went for dinner and we were talking about spirituality in Asian societies, particularly from those which are Chinese majority like China, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong etc.

An interesting point was brought up about the correlation of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (shown below) and the level of spirituality of a society as a whole.

The following are key points of the conversation to keep this post from being too long.Image

1)Chinese majority societies like China and Hong Kong have large income gaps. Majority are still struggling to make ends meet. Hence, it is still physiologically impossible to even move past the daily necessity of survival.

2)Singapore is in a unique place in that bulk of the population is in the middle class.

3)The middle part of the pyramid: Belonging-love is the start of a process of living more from a heart-based perspective.

4)The upper two parts of the pyramid: Self-esteem and Self-actualization are closely linked to being spiritual as the journey is on the inside. Processes like self-mastery, pursuit of personal passion or the innate need from a soul level to evolve and develop themselves to obtain the gifts and talents that they have accumulated in past lifetimes to share with humanity on Earth, whilst living out their heart’s desires and living out their life as they are meant to be.

From societal point of view, Singapore is indeed unique. Most of us are in the middle class, which directly translates to our lower pyramid needs being already fulfilled. Singapore is also known as being a safe place to be, so I would say that part of the pyramid is being fulfilled. Thus most Singaporeans I feel are in the middle to upper-most parts of the pyramid.

Drawing from personal experiences and conversations from the past 2 decades, I do see a direct correlation. An increasing trend of people is asking the question: “What’s my life purpose here on Earth?” or “What the hell am I doing here at work, I just exist not living my life!”

The deeper perspectives from that I can observe from a spiritual point of view is that they are connecting with Source or Spirit. There is an overall shift in consciousness to obsolete outdated, dogmatic ideals and ways of living one’s life to one that truly nourishes the mind and soul. More people are also showing up more at events or spiritual fairs as healers, readers and teachers as they have discovered what they are meant to be that pillar of light of others to spread the messages of love and light to others and/or to help others in their awakening process.

Being geographically in the heart of Southeast Asia also greatly helps in having different kinds of spirituality co-existing and intertwining to create a beautiful landscape and teaching.

Call me an eternal optimist, but I truly feel that Singapore on a societal level will be spiritual one but before that, it will go through chaos and even destruction and decay as far as the Universal Law goes. Without the death and decay, the rebirth process to be more aligned with Spirit is not possible. 



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