Eclipses in August – September 2016

Are you feeling the anxiousness and also the inner knowing that things are gonna change?

After the new moon in Leo on 3rd August morning, we are in the shadow period leading up to the first of 3 eclipses beginning on 18th August.

Lunar (left) and Solar Eclipse

Eclipse periods are best described as portal periods, in which the cosmos are blasting a new wave of reality shifts onto Earth and we have the opportunity to kick-start the necessary changes for us to all evolve.

For the strength of each upcoming eclipse, it depends on the proximity of the lunar nodes now and the degree that the eclipse take place.

I’ve discussed the south lunar node and its association with Neptune now until the end of this year and what it triggers in us:

So here it goes, ranked from the strongest to the weakest eclipse:

1) Solar eclipse on 1st September at 5.03pm Singapore time at 9 degree 21 minutes of Virgo
2) Lunar eclipse on 17th September at 12.54am Singapore time at 24 degree 20 minutes of Virgo
3) Lunar eclipse on 18th at 5.27pm August 25 degrees and 52 minutes of Aquarius

A tid-bit on this solar eclipse in 9 degrees Virgo:
The sign Virgo rules health and our everyday, practical reality. Right now, the north node or what we have to grow into will be super close for this solar eclipse.

So what is the theme of this solar eclipse?

Massive reality shifts can occur in our daily routines and health conditions (Virgo) ONLY IF we work with control and take responsibility to build the necessary structures (solar eclipse moment squaring Saturn – planet of boundaries, building and responsibility).

So there you go, super powerful and a huge potential for initiating and sustaining life changing decisions and materializing it.

For good.
It’s time and it’s long overdue anyways.

5 visible planets mutable signs

5 visible planets all in mutable signs till end of this month! Navigating your situations with alternatives.

5 visible planets mutable signs

Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn all in Mutable signs Virgo and Sagittarius for the whole month of August

As of last evening Singapore time, Venus joins the other 4 visible planets in the sky (Mars, Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter) in mutable signs from fixed sign Leo.

When this happens, there is a shift in the energies in the way we adapt to looking at our situations to attempt to resolve.

Over the past few days, Mars has changed signs from fixed Scorpio to mutable Sagittarius. Mercury has also changed signs from fixed sign Leo to mutable Virgo. Last night, Venus joins both Mercury and Jupiter in the sign of Virgo too.

So what’s the difference between fixed and mutable signs and how our approach will change in August?

Well, fixed signs represent sustaining energies by strong will. For a fixed sign that hits the wall, they’ll keep going and keep on hitting the wall till they finally get through it by sheer determination and persistence. Fixed signs in the zodiac are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

Mutable signs on the other hand are all about researching from several different perspectives and find the best applicable way. This includes collecting bits and pieces of information around us (represents Gemini), then sorting and piecing it together (represents Virgo, in which Mercury is exalted or excels in this sign), having the optimism (represents Sagittarius, the rock star of the zodiac), trust and faith in something larger than ourselves (represents Pisces) will get us through this month with the changeable (mutable) circumstances.

Feelings of frustration and being stuck in a rut will dissolve quickly as we go through this month, giving us all the opportunities to really move things ahead.

Among all the 5 visible planets, Mercury is in its exalted sign of discriminating and practical sign of Virgo, which gives us an idea of the key component to productively (represents Virgo) month of August.

So, keep things real with yourself (Virgo is an Earth sign) and distil incoming information as we go along this month will be of the biggest help.

lion and angels

New Moon in Leo on 3rd August at 4.44 am Singapore Local Time

4.44am? Fantastic news to tie-up loose ends!

Enjoy this short post that combines important planetary influences for August, numerology and esoteric information all wrapped up in one!

The Leo new moon is the last one before we head into the imminent eclipse season.

This new moon happens at exactly 4.44am Singapore time, the number 4 repeated 3 times. Very significant indeed!

Number 4 represents our passion (Leo) and drives (Mars) and encourages us to work harmoniously (Venus) yet diligently (Saturn) to achieve our goals (Mars) and aspirations (Jupiter).

Number 4 is also the number that represents the four elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth and the corresponding four sacred directions, North, South, East and West.

With three repeating 4’s appearing, the influences and energies are magnified and enhanced.

444 ask that you to pay attention to your thinking patterns (Mercury) and inner-wisdom (Jupiter) as your connection with your angels and the angelic realm are very strong at this time. Sudden, unexpected flashes of divine knowledge (Uranus) will come through subliminal (Neptune) ways to help you tie-up the last bit of stuff altogether that we’ve been putting off for the past 5 months until the next new moon solar eclipse on 1st September.

You are encouraged to continue on your current path as your drive (Mars) and determination (Saturn) will lead to eventual success and fulfilment.

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The world has gone crazy! – When will it stop? Is there light to be found?

The world has gone crazy! – When will it stop? Is there light to be found?

**Note: To prevent confusion, the configuration that I am going to discuss happens in the first 10 degrees of Sagittarius using local or tropical astrology. Using sidereal or fixed star positions as reference points, the same configuration is happening in the constellation of Scorpio.
** As a rough guide, tropical astrology positions need to be subtracted by approximately 22-24 degrees to get the sidereal position. Thus when you subtract 22-24 degrees off from the first 10 degrees of Sagittarius, the sidereal position does backwards into the previous sign of Scorpio.

If you look up to the sky now, you’ll see Mars and Saturn shining bright in the sky. According to ancient observable astrology, when a planet is bright in the sky, its symbolisms are strong on Earth.

As above, so below.

So that does Mars and Saturn mean in astrology?

Mars represent arguments and fighting for what you believe is right to move forward. Hence the military or army is often associated with Mars.
Saturn on the other hand rules walls, structures, restrictions and boundaries what we carve out for ourselves. Hence the government is often associated with Saturn.

Both planets are also in astrology known as malefic planets, which simply means an unfavourable influence. The opposite would be called benefics.

When two bright malefics join in the sky, destruction and harm are bound to happen. Another thing to note is that both planets when they are close together it’s also sitting with fixed star Antares, another malefic fixed star that is termed “The heart of the Scorpion”. Antares or anti-Ares, means the rival or equivalent of Mars, and it has of a more subversive, carnal and primal energy.

picture1Size of Antares, Mars and Saturn

5staralignment_10245-star alignment of Mercury, Venus, Jupiter (shedding light) with Mars and Saturn

If you just look at the papers or media, there are loads of cruel, spiteful and vengeful (Saturn + Antares) individuals who created bloodbath (Mars rules blood) or possibly even the possibly civil wars (e.g. the Turkey army (Mars) is attempting to overthrow the government (Saturn)). There will be an amplification of these energies with both planets together with fixed star Antares.

This will last for another ~ 2 months until this tight conjunction fully dissolves.

When this triple conjunction happens in Sagittarius, they are also sending a hard aspect to soft Neptune which is now together with the South Node of the Moon.

For more information on Neptune with the South Node of the Moon aspect from now until end of this year, refer to my previous post:

In a way, the craziness of world events around us during this time is a reflection of showing us the harsh (Mars) reality (Saturn) within ourselves in order burst our rose-colored, delusional (Neptune) bubbles.

We can acknowledge and embrace the darkness (Mars) within us with unconditional acceptance (Neptune), so that we can work practically (Saturn) with these energies to bring light to the matter, or choose to retreat through our own vices (Neptune-South Node conjunct).

If you choose the former, the rewards are huge in terms of uncovering the true essence of who you are, which of course contain the darker facets of self. If you choose the latter though, energetically you’ll be only just accumulating denial and escapism (Neptune) which will only later manifest into karmic (Lunar South Node) personal upheavals and chaos (Neptune) in order to shake us to work persistently towards mastering life lessons (Saturn) rather than fighting (Mars) with it.

If you read till this point of this post, you’ll be wondering if it’s all just doom and gloom. Well, there are actually three helpful planets that will help us with bring light to the heart of the matter.

Jupiter, Venus (both benefics) together with Mercury are all coming together in a tight conjunction in the sign of Virgo in the midst of all these craziness.

Virgo is a very real and practical sign that dissects the whole puzzle into manageable bits to re-arrange in a simple overall concept. Our blessing is that we will have the capability to stand back and look at the overall picture to pick out, sort and manage (Virgo) the applicable bits and pieces that we can work with within our capabilities, cutting through the deep, dark wounds that we all have through harmonizing (Venus) the necessary information (Mercury) with faith and trust (Jupiter) that will give us the willpower (Mars) to master the necessary karmic lessons (Saturn + Lunar South Node). We do have the tools indicated by these 3 planets to work through the next ~ 2 months. Be aware though there are times that there are temptations to escape (Neptune) from the hard work and effort (Saturn) we have to put in (Mars).

We would have built new reliable inner and outer foundations to move forward after this period of time. That is if we put in the work and effort starting from right now.


​Neptune conjunct south node from now until end of 2016 – What’s your vice of choice? 

The lunar’s south node of anyone’s chart 📈 refers to what is already embodied in past lives. In karmic astrology, it represents what we have to let go off and “let God and let be”. If a person is left to his or her own device, the tendency would be to retreat to south node’s energies be because it feels oh so familiar, stemming from experiences from past lifetimes. South node is not a planet so to speak, but defined as a mathematical point in a chart 📈. 

Neptune is a watery blue planet that is very elusive and serene when seen from far. When you zoom in closer, one can observe the chaos and turbulence this generational planet actually is. Hence, Neptune is usually used to describe deception, chaos,  escapism, addictions glamourizing things through our lenses, dissolution of boundaries and rules, and our ideals.

Right now up to end of the year, the two are in a tight conjunction to each other until the end of 2016. 
I am sure all of us are feeling the wheel of fortune spinning from the grand cross in late May to end June. But wait, there are actually 3 more eclipses coming from mid August to September. With this huge flux of completion energy (2+0+1+6 is year 9 = universal completion year) coming in, it can surely destabilize the structures or thought patterns that we have built for ourselves for the past 8 years. Wrapping up or letting go can be extremely difficult. 

The tendency to escape (Neptune) through familiar (South node) vices (Neptune) in the coming months is even more evident as we brace ourselves for the inner and outer challenges to wrap up or kiss goodbye to whatever that we have already outgrown. We all know we have to evolve, it’s the process of making those necessary changes in order to evolve that creates blockages and fear that impedes us from growing. 

It is time to face our darker sides in order to have sobriety during this period. Your vice of choice can be drugs, porn, video games, food or even through projections in your personal and intimate relationships. If you are noticing that you are veering off and just escaping from what is, stop and take a look at yourself. The universe has set up this configuration in the sky for a reason. 

No growth is complete without examining and be honest with ourselves that we have a darker side to ourselves. Instead of indulging and escaping, why not shine a light on it and confront it one step at a time. When you decide to do the necessary work before this universal completion year concludes, you will be so glad that you’ve done the work in order to start a brand new cycle of beginnings. 

So go on, and shed that old skin.

More on Lunar and Solar Eclipses

For the upcoming eclipses in August – September.

Metaphysical Digest

Due to the overwhelming interest generated by my last post, I have decided to write a bit more on the subject of eclipses.

First Considerations

As stated in the previous article, the house(s) in the astrological birth chart where the eclipse falls provide(s) important information on what the eclipse is foretelling for a person’s life. The key word for eclipses, then, is “change.”

Lunar eclipses (which are Full Moon eclipses) will fall into two houses that are opposite each other, while solar eclipses (which are New Moon eclipses) will fall into only one house.

Solar eclipses, essentially being New Moons on steroids, tend to indicate beginnings. Something new occurs in the person’s mind, or is just starting to “show” in the outside world. Lunar eclipses, which are like super-powerful Full Moons, tend to indicate that something already in progress is about burst into consciousness (and also, often, into the outside world). Lunar…

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Venus – Functioning as an Earth or Celestial Goddess?

For the planet Venus, each cycle takes approximately 18 months to complete.
As of 6 June, Venus has surpassed the Sun and now is traveling ahead of it. Thinking back to your attitudes regarding relationships, has it changed over the past month? Let me break it down for you.
As a general rule, when Venus is lagging behind the Sun in terms of sign and degrees in the sky, it is functioning as a rising star and it energetically reflects the lower-end vibration of Venus as an Earth Goddess or Taurus-like energy. It’s that sweet, worldly material pleasures like that candy in your favorite store, that nice dinner in a posh restaurant or that good-looking person that you’re involved with romantically.
When Venus moves in front of the Sun though, the Sun actually “spiritualizes” Venus with its warm, creator rays and now Venus functions like a setting star, which takes on the vibration of the Celestial Goddess or Libra-like energy. A higher, more spiritual approach or outlook towards relationships is evident when that happens.
New Moon Cancer 2016

New Moon on 4th July 2016 in Cancer

New Moon Cancer 2016
Astrological Configuration of the New Moon on 4th July 2016
(Happens at 7pm Singapore Time ; 9pm Sydney Time)

From the healing records lately using the TransferenceHealing® Healing with Alchemy Deck and also conversations with people from my immediate surroundings, I noticed that there is a massive on-going emotional clearing taking place.

Checking the astrological configuration for the upcoming new moon on 4th July, there are actually 7 out of 11 planets in water signs (Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury all in Cancer ; Neptune and Chiron in Pisces and Mars finally direct being still Scorpio ) with no planets being in Air signs.

This gives a flavor of what are to come leading up to early July. Air signs represents the mind, our thinking patterns and how we perceive information around us. Having no planets in Air signs in the upcoming new Moon does indicate a period of emotional connection and introspection so that we can live new, without the outdated attachments from the past (Cancer ) that does not serve us anymore by tapping into our subconscious and spiritual selves (Pisces ) to help cut out deep (Mars in Scorpio ) emotional BS or blockages that have been holding us back.
The new moon Cancer sign rules the family, our roots and lineage. So, there will be also dynamics that are coming up for us to have the opportunity to talk heart to heart with family members or even communicate with our ancestors in other realms whatever the issue is, as the level of receptivity (Water signs) are at an all time high, without letting the mind chatter (Air signs) get in the way in order to set our intent to have new self-nurturing, emotional foundations.

Very healing, also very deep psychological and subconscious stuff for the coming 2-3 weeks.

Enjoy this super nurturing new Moon on the 4th July to really enjoy and appreciate and have gratitude for the small things in our lives.

You think 2014 passed by fast? Look out for 2015 …. It’ll zip fast even faster!

2014 has just zipped by fast hasn’t it? do expect 2015 to have the acceleration stronger than 2014 offered.
2015 is about materialising what we want in our reality, whereas 2014 is about finding and deciding what reality we want for ourselves.
Owning your power and taking action are two very important aspects if you want to ride with the supportive energies that 2015 has to offer.